What we do

Enrega is a production agency. We specialise in client service, strategy, user experience, design, copy writing, technology, quality assurance, production and performance metrics. Each part of our business plays a critical role in our cross-disciplinary offerings – working in concert to deliver unprecedented solutions on every available screen and media outlet.

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How we do it

There are two ways of looking at process: through a project lens (managing schedules, milestones, deliverable, meetings and communications) and through an engagement lens (discovering, analysing, strategising and ultimately furthering business goals and ideas). At Enrega, our process is at the heart of everything we do – as we believe it enables us to manage both engagements and individual projects successfully.

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Who we are

Enrega rejects many of the traditional categories that have evolved out of the old advertising agency model. Are we more creative or more technology savvy? Do we focus on strategy or execution? Are we better at attracting customers or retaining them? If we’re going to adapt to a radically new media landscape, these are the wrong questions!

We know that a brand promise without follow-through is worse than no promise at all. We know that strategy is powerful only when you have the ability to bring it fruition. We understand that today, in order to be a world-class creative shop, you need to be a world-class tech company too. Our in-depth understanding of technology is the secret to our success.

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