Our production team can work with you to plan your content, or we can work with your existing agency, and then create the content that will bring your stories to life. We're a full-scale production house with the capabilities to:

  • create videos for TV and online delivery;
  • capture the perfect photo or video for use in all your creative projects;
  • produce audio for your website, radio commercials and podcasts;
  • design brochures, posters and other printed artwork; and
  • write copy for your website, brochures, email campaigns and other creative projects.

Photography & Filming

With a full kit of high quality cameras, lighting and support equipment, we can capture the vision for your video or photography productions. From portraiture to landscapes, street to sport and travel to wildlife, no matter your passion, we can capture your images for use in your video projects, websites and print projects.

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography by drone captures imagery similar to manned aircraft but with the advantage of getting in much closer to the subject. It's unique way to capture vision from different angle for commercial projects, television, Real Estate, weddings and sporting events. We can capture photos and videos from the sky using a drone to give your creative projects a unique perspective. 

Video Production & Photo Editing

Once we've captured the perfect video and photography, it needs to be edited together to tell your story. We've got facilities to edit video into TV commercials, training videos, online videos for websites and social media, and even full-scale movie productions. We can also edit photography to improve the original image - such as removing unwanted features or enhancing the colour.

Audio Production

With a background in broadcasting that spans over 20 years, we've got the experience in-house to produce the soundtrack for all your creative projects. Whether you require voice overs for TV and radio commercials or narration for online videos, we've got the equipment to record it (both in the studio and in the field) and then edit it all together, which will bring your story to the ears of your audience.

We also operate our own radio station which showcases all our audio capabilities. Listen to Energy FM Australia

Graphic Design

Compelling and engaging content starts with great design. The use of typography, colour and layout is what makes your stories stand out and is what brings your brand to life. We put a lot of love and careful thought into our brochures, logos, websites, and mobile apps. Working very closely with you, we create beautiful designs that are specific to what you need - but at the same time always making sure we add our own unique twist that separates how something looks from the rest.

Copy Writing

Looking to connect, convince and communicate with your leads? You need stellar content on your website and printed materials. With our writing services, you can establish your "voice" with targeted and specific information about your products or services. We can help you get your information in the hands of the right people, and engage with your target audience using language and content that they relate to.