Enrega is a production agency. We specialise in client service, strategy, user experience, design, copy writing, technology, quality assurance, production and performance metrics. Each part of our business plays a critical role in our cross-disciplinary offerings – working in concert to deliver unprecedented solutions on every available screen and media outlet.


In conjunction with our technology, creative and marketing experts, our team examines business objectives, project goals, legacy issues and customer demands from a variety of perspectives. This multi-disciplinary approach helps us conceptualise, develop and deploy customer experiences that are both business-relevant and unexpected.

Over the years our strategic business challenges and solutions have included: developing experience-centered business models; integrating next-wave entertainment into current business structures; customer targeting; brand positioning; user and focus group testing and analysis; primary market research; competitive analyses and process audits.

Our strategic solutions frame business challenges in actionable and pragmatic terms – after all, we’re not just consultants, we’re executors. The result: frameworks that use straightforward, illustrative language and images to clarify situations, provide insights and deliver actionable road maps for the future.


Enrega’s extensive technology and production capabilities help us approach marketing and production challenges differently: we focus not just on crafting marketing messages and broadcasting them to potential customers, but on creating branded experiences that result in affinity and encouraging interaction.

This broader, more holistic strategy forces us to look at the entire life-cycle of a customer – from initial awareness to brand loyalty. The result isn’t just a brand promise – it’s the delivery of that promise as well.

Behind each of these customer experiences lie our goals for its performance and our approach to measuring success. We strive to set benchmarks in partnerships with our clients for both the feedback we’ll receive (from focus groups, with test markets and with the press) and the metrics we’ll drive (in terms of traffic, registrations, downloads, sampling and purchases).


We craft individual, customised solutions, approaches and sometimes even new creative processes to satisfy individual client and customer needs. That means that while you’ve surely encountered our work before, hopefully it felt like you were emersed in our client’s experience that was created for you – so it might not have been recognisable as something we’ve done.

So if you’ve found a website recently that felt more fluid than those you have visited in the past, or if you used a mobile application that was actually simple and elegant, or if the experience you had with an application made you appreciate the thought that went into it, or if, instead of being frustrated, you actually had fun, then you’ll most likely find that same piece of work in our portfolio.

User Experience

Each of Enrega’s disciplines is committed to the conceptualisation, design and development of great user experiences – regardless of their area of focus. After all, what good is a great application if it isn’t simple, usable, reliable and relevant? The compelling experience for which we are known are borne from meticulous planning and inventive approach.

In the often overwhelming environment of rapid technological advances, our team thrives on balancing tried and true expertise with foresight and a pioneering spirit. Our culture of innovation and experimentation allows us to respond with agility to the shifting technological landscape. We are fueled by the belief that the best is yet to come.

We specialise in interaction design, information architecture, user evaluation, audience analysis, usability and heuristics – ensuring that every application is intuitive, targeted and spot-on.


Great user experiences drives good business and builds fantastic customer relationships. Today, most businesses have first-hand knowledge of the power and agility that the right technology and communication tools can provide – from driving efficiencies and enabling better decision-making to improving sales and enhancing customer experiences. Enrega is leading the charge – designing and deploying applications across a diverse set of platforms including the web, TV, print, radio and mobile devices.

We examine the best practices, identify and qualify digital platforms and track shifts in technology – helping our clients choose the most appropriate development path. Every decision for a project is based on time lines, efficiency, effectiveness, ease-of-use, affordability, compatibility, longevity and extensibility – allowing us to bring great user experiences to life.