Enrega rejects many of the traditional categories that have evolved out of the old advertising agency model. Are we more creative or more technology savvy? Do we focus on strategy or execution? Are we better at attracting customers or retaining them? If we’re going to adapt to a radically new media landscape, these are the wrong questions!

We know that a brand promise without follow-through is worse than no promise at all. We know that strategy is powerful only when you have the ability to bring it fruition. We understand that today, in order to be a world-class creative shop, you need to be a world-class tech company too. Our in-depth understanding of technology is the secret to our success.

Our team

New Sky Media’s team members aren’t only managing the direction and vision of our agency – they are also some of the most talented media creators we can find. Their diverse backgrounds and expertise contribute directly to our unique vision and our success.

  • Mark Howell – Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Audio & Video Editor
  • Ben Sullivan – Graphic Designer & Web Developer
  • Jamie Verban – Graphic Designer & Web Developer
  • Simon Stanton – Senior Web Developer & Systems Programmer
  • Kristilee Ransley – Copy Writer

Our Studio

To to the best work, a craftsman needs the best tools. Our studio is fully equipped with the latest in creative technologies which helps us create the best media possible, using the latest techniques and in the least amount of time.

Awards & Accolades

Enrega constantly looks for opportunities to showcase our creative work and our business practices. We look for industry awards and competitions that put our staff in the limelight to celebrate their creative skills and offer them professional satisfaction. Taking part in such awards also gives us a chance to celebrate the story of of our achievements and share the journeys taken by our founders, partners and staff along the way.

Telstra Business Awards

The Telstra Business Awards recognise the achievements of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) across Australia. Enrega (previously known as Creative One Studio) is very proud of winning the Australian Government Micro Business Award in the 2007 Telstra Business Awards.