Enrega is a production agency. We specialise in client service, strategy, user experience, design, copy writing, technology, quality assurance, production and performance metrics. Each part of our business plays a critical role in our cross-disciplinary offerings – working in concert to deliver unprecedented solutions on every available screen and media outlet.


A big part of our work is in the development of innovative websites that have many different functions. Everything from simple brochure-style websites to fully interactive e-commerce websites. With the Internet rapidly becoming a standard part of every day life, businesses need a strong presence online to be competitive and assert their position in their target markets. Our websites take full advantage of the marketing and sales opportunity offered by the internet with some of our more recent websites boasting features such as full e-commerce capabilities, content management systems, use of social media and interactive video.

All our web design and e-commerce designs are entirely custom built to your specific needs. No templates are used. Our team of highly skilled web designers will create you an impressive and effective online presence. Our website design aftercare service will ensure your website’s stability and maintain your critical internet services.


Observe people in any public area these days and there’s a good chance you’ll see someone browsing the web on a smart phone such as iPhone or Android. We’ve all seen it before; it’s the person walking along working hard on their handset and not even looking where they’re walking. This person is completely engaged in some kind of online activity and they’re taking advantage of someone’s products or services as they go about their day. This is powerful stuff!

For you to take advantage of this, you need to ensure your website is optimised for mobile devices – making it easy for people to use your online services on their mobile. It may also be advantageous for you to have a dedicated mobile application that can further enhance engagement with your target audience.

The newest and biggest growth area of our business is in the creation of content for mobile devices. We can help you optimise your website for mobile devices and create mobile applications for the iPhone, iPad and Android phones.


Video has an instant appeal to audiences. Most of us want to “see” something rather than “read” something. Video can be used to enhance the consumer experience by educating the viewer about your product or services, putting a face to your company, and building a company brand. A video demonstrates how a product works, with customer reviews; this can provide solid evidence that the product can indeed solve a particular problem. It sets off an emotional trigger that text simply won’t do, ultimately influencing buying decisions positively.

The “on-demand” characteristic of video marketing is another real benefit. Videos can be downloaded and viewed at anytime on any device. Instead of losing customers to potentially uninteresting text, you can take your information and view it when you want, even offline, just like watching TV. There is no better endorsement of your product or service than to see it in action. It’s not always possible to get your client to your product so why not send your product to your client?

We have the in-house capability to create visually stimulating video productions that can be deployed on websites, TV, cinema screens and mobile devices. All of a sudden, you could be entertaining the masses and engaging a lot of people in what you have to say.


An often overlooked part of a branding exercise is the impact of sound. Sure, you might look fantastic, but how do you sound? Does the way you sound, match the way you look? Typically audio assets, like messages on hold, radio commercials and jingles, are the last things to be created in a marketing exercise. And, they are usually created by someone who has nothing to do with the creation of your brand – which can lead to inconsistencies in the impact of your brand or image.

Here at Enrega, we have the in-house capabilities to produce audio that will compliment the visual impact we have created. Our fully-equipped audio production studio gives us the ability to record voice overs, create music and create special effects that we can be used in our online projects, radio commercials, interactive documents, messages on-hold, cinema advertising, TV commercials and mobile applications.


With all the innovation happening in the online world, believe it or not, working in print (or graphic design) is still the fundamental backbone of everything we do. After all, graphic design is the art of using colour, images and text to communicate a message. It may be applied in any media, such as print, digital media, motion pictures, animation, product decoration, packaging, and signs. It is all about high impact, visual communication and is essential to business success.

The visual impact is what creates the first impression of you to a potential customer. In one glance customers will decide whether or not they wish to do business with you or buy your product. They will decide whether you are a credible professional who will be able to meet their needs. Enrega will ensure this first impression visually communicates the image, mood and style you wish to convey as well as inspiring confidence in the consumer.