There are two ways of looking at process: through a project lens (managing schedules, milestones, deliverable, meetings and communications) and through an engagement lens (discovering, analysing, strategising and ultimately furthering business goals and ideas). At Enrega, our process is at the heart of everything we do – as we believe it enables us to manage both engagements and individual projects successfully.

Our Approach

Since we started business in 1996, we’ve developed a set of philosophies about how to approach our relationships with clients – and they’re not always what one might expect. What follows is Enrega’s unique approach to help you understand us and the way we work.


We learn everything about our client and their customers before we pitch our first ideas for any project. We consider this process to be too important to conduct informally. The first thing we present clients with is a process of discovery that we expect both parties to invest in mutually. We understand that our team must have the latitude to become fluent in our client’s language, structure, advantages, competitive climate, internal politics and history – to be truly successful.


Second-movers don’t make great Enrega clients. The only way to break through the competitive clutter is to show customers that you have a different approach – as innovation results only when you’re willing to challenge conventional wisdom. Moreover, our staff come to work at Enrega because they know they’ll be inventing the future. We expect our clients to be partners in this endeavor. That doesn’t mean taking ill-advised risks, but it does mean we must share a willingness to deviate from the status quo and a strong desire to seize a leadership position in the industry.


Simply ideas work better than complicated ones. We work to quiet corporate and project complexities so that we can pare individual projects down to their essence. The simpler we make our plans, strategies, messages and anticipated results, the greater the chance of shared success


Many of our clients have significant creative or technical capabilities of their own. Our goal is not to eclipse these assets – after all, we work with some of the most technically and creatively gifted companies in the world. The secret to our success is that we make these internal groups more powerful; partnering with them to provide solutions that neither company could have accomplished on their own. It’s perhaps the greatest testament to our partnerships with clients – that our most successful relationships are with the teams we overlap with most. After all, you simply cannot succeed at providing technology, creative assets or ideas without an appropriate spirt of teamwork and a truly collaborative process.


Beyond helping our clients innovate, we have a secondary goal: helping them get credit for it. In the end, we all have careers as well as a business goal and ground breaking work deserves recognition. We do best with clients who, rather than hiding us behind a curtain, let us work together to get proper attention for everything we’ve accomplished together.