Reset the password for another user

Written by Mark Enrega on Tuesday, February 5, 2019

<p>All user accounts on your Drupal website are password protected. When you want to login to your website, you need to use either your <em>email address</em> or <em>user name</em>, together with a <em>password</em>. Sometimes it might be necessary for you to change your own password, or change the password for another user.</p>

<p>Follow these steps to change the password for any user account on your website:</p>

<ol><li>Log into your website using your <em>Super User</em> account <em>(e.g.</em></li>
<li>Go to the <strong>People</strong> section. This displays a list of all your users</li>
<li>Click the <strong>Edit</strong> button for the user account you want to change</li>
<li>Enter the new password in the <strong>Password</strong> field</li>
<li>You will need to enter the password again in the <strong>Confirm password</strong> field</li>
<li>Scroll to the bottom and click the <strong>Save</strong> button</li>
</ol><p>If you are changing the password for another user, it is not recommended to send the new password to the other user by using email, as it's not a secure. It is best to verbally tell them their new password. Alternatively, you can set a temporary password and then ensure that the other user resets their own password when they next log in to your website.</p>