Can I Create Facebook Ads Without A Business Page?

Written by Mark Enrega on Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Facebook ads are a key tool for social media marketing, no matter what type of business you run. With many design choices, enhanced targeting options, and improved testing and optimisation features, Facebook makes it easy for companies to connect directly with their target market. However, some businesses either do not have Facebook business pages or would rather increase website click-throughs and conversions than page likes. Linking a business page to your advertisement is not always necessary, especially if it does not fit your campaign goals.

Creating Ads without a Facebook Business Page

Contrary to common belief, you do not need a Facebook business page to run ads on Facebook. However, there are a few caveats and it all comes down to the type of ads you want to run and where those ads are to appear on Facebook. Typically, ad placements appear in the main news feed or in the right hand column on Facebook.

Many ad types are ineligible for businesses without business pages, including the boosted posts, carousel ads, and dynamic product ads that appear in news feeds. Some of the right column ads are ineligible as well, such as the page post link ads that are intended to improve likes, follows, and page engagement.

Right column domain ads are available for all businesses, regardless of their Facebook presence. They are also very useful for small businesses who wish to send site users to the company website rather than the business’s profile page. You will need a Facebook account to get started, but you will not be able to link the ad to your personal account and you do not need to link your ads to a business profile page. 

Key Features of a Right Column Domain Ad

Facebook continues to roll out new ad types and designs, including the newsfeed placements that connect directly to a business page. Right column domain ads are the simplest in comparison, and cannot be displayed on mobile platforms due to the placement. Therefore, right column ads only appear to users on Facebook who are using desktop devices.

The style of right hand column ads was heavily revamped throughout 2014, which improved both visual consistency and appeal. The new style means larger images, the same newsfeed proportions, and fewer pieces displayed per page. These factors help attract and maintain consumer attention while giving businesses room to be creative.

Which ads on Facebook are best for you?

The ads you can create on Facebook that appear in the news feed do increase user engagement, thanks to their placement and visibility, but they do require a business to have a page on Facebook. Although right hand column domain ads may experience a lower Click Thru Rate (CTR), they are typically much more cost-effective, but this is because they do not appear to all users on all devices. Running a right column domain ad will help increase Return on Investment (ROI) and conversions, plus they are the ideal ad type for many small businesses who don't have a business page on Facebook. 

Keep in mind that statistics are showing that more people are using the internet on their mobile devices. When it comes to using Facebook, the majority of their users are on the platform using the dedicated mobile Facebook app. Therefore, the users are mostly seeing the ads that appear in the news feed and they are less likely to see ads that appear in the right hand column.