Mark Enrega is a professional photographer based in Hobart, and works throughout Tasmania and other parts of Australia - specialising in all types of commercial photography; including events, products, lifestyle, landscapes, sports, editorial, travel, tourism, portrait, architecture and real estate photography. 

Our fully equiped photography studio is setup for small to medium product photography and our photographers can travel with equipment to on-site photo shoots for special events, larger products, portraits and group photos.

When Mark isn't behind the camera, you'll find him out on the roads cycling, grinding the trails on his mountain bike, or in the gym pumping iron. "My job requires me to spend a lot of time sitting at a computer or working in the photography studio, so I love to get outdoors - it keeps me healthy and it frees up my mind. I actually have some of my best creative ideas when I'm out and about" Mark said. 

With all this exercise, Mark is a fit and agile individual who has the physical capability to literally go the extra mile as a photographer. Whether it's hiking into the wilderness, dangling from a cliff, perching on the back of a motorbike, climbing up a mountain, sailing the seven seas, or flying around in a helicopter, there is nothing Mark won't do to get the perfect shot.

Mark has a Batchelor of Education (1997) from the University of Tasmania and specialised in Technology Education. "I used to teach photography and digital arts to kids in secondary schools. Now I use my skills to teach other people how to use a camera in our photography workshops" Mark said. 

Mark developed a passion for photography when he was in high school. "I started out as a photographer back in the days when everything was done on film. I used to spend my lunch hours in the dark room, processing black and white photos. It was always so surprising to finally see the shots that I'd taken" Mark said.

Today, all our photos are expertly colour graded and edited using a computer, so they stand out on screen and in print. "Not only do I love taking photos, I love editing photos too. Graphic software packages, and cameras,  have come so far since I first started and it's amazing how creative you can be as a photographer these days". See our photography portfolio for some of our recent projects.

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