We are available for gardening and home maintenance in Granton, Brighton, Claremont, Montrose, Glenorchy, Moonah, New Town, Lenah Valley, North Hobart, West Hobart, South Hobart and Sandy Bay.

Hourly rate: $63
Half day rate: $231 (4 hours)
Full day rate: $346 (7 hours)

All prices include GST.

If you have a regular job for us and are wanting to make a long-term commitment, then our rates are cheaper. Let's chat!

Extra travel for other areas

We will travel to New Norfolk, Richmond, Bellerieve, Howrah and Kingston, but we will need to charge a "extra travel" fee of $22.00 to cover the cost of fuel, vehicle maintenance and travel time. This will only apply if we are NOT already working in the area.

We'll always try to arrange our jobs in your area so we can minimise our travel times, making us efficient, reliable and cost effective.

Green waste removal

We will always take away the green waste from the job we do for you. If there is a large amount which needs to be taken to refuse centre that is run by your local council, additional fees will apply to cover the cost of entry to the facility and our extra travel time.

Job inspection and quoting

We are happy to drop in to take a look at the job beforehand, when we're next in your area. This inspection will help us to give you an accurate quote. Please give us a call to make a time.